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Riddles and Answers


I share with you some Riddles and Answers.

You are awoken at 3 A.M. by a knock on your door. Your parents call you to let you know that they are there for breakfast. You are confused but quickly think of what food you have. You have bread, jam, butter, and eggs. What do you open first?

The door for your parents.

There is a party of 100 high-powered politicians. All of them are either honest or liars. You walk in knowing two things:

– At least one of them is honest.
– If you take any two politicians, at least one of them is a liar.

From this information, can you know how many are liars and how many are honest?

A man was sitting on his couch and searching for the English Channel.

How did he find it?

A king, queen, and two twins all lay in a large room.

How are there no adults in the room?

Answer: They’re all beds!

Question: Which is correct “The yolk of the egg is white” or “The egg yolk is white?”

Question: I am the only organ that named myself.What am I?

I hope you will find a true answers to these questions, I think your lover will be happy . Good luck to you

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Riddles and Answers
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