Pho Hanoi

What is pho ?

In Hanoi , pho is a special dish of Hanoi people did not know there ever since. Pho is used exclusively as a gift or am lunch and dinner , not eat with other dishes . Pho broth made ​​from the bones of cows Water Security : Directorate bone , tibia and Studio . Meat can be used for pho is beef , or chicken . Have long thin noodles and soft , the soup is spicy green onion , pepper , vinegar peppers , kaffir lime slices .
Pho Hanoi
Pho Hanoi .

From the mid-1960s to the 1990s before the 20th century , for various reasons is sewn administration of food subsidies , food , Hanoi and northern provinces appeared ” unmanned aerial pho ” ( noodles no meat ) in the state-run trade stores . Also from the subsidized period , in Hanoi , people often have a habit for more seasoning in the broth . Along with the innovation of the ’90s , pho richer and people often eat pho in Hanoi with small pieces crank ( from the ’60s to the mid-80s but due to the difficult stage rotary compressor lost about 1995 was turning back )
The effect of pho in Hanoi has handed down three life such as Phu Xuan Pho Hang Da Street which is the native village of Phu Gia , Phu Thuong , Tay Ho , Ha Noi Pho ” North-South ” Hai Ba Trung Street ; pho chicken ” Nam Ngu ” ; pho ” Thin ” ; pho ” Number 10 Ly Quoc Su ” … In addition to the customary fixed pho restaurants in Hanoi also has a ” noodle burden ” . It is the seller island city . Optical double burden on their side is a self-made containers have enough raw materials to processing and pho bowls, plates , chopsticks , spoon , the other party is put on a pot of water using charcoal . Before 1980 , the burden of pho so went around the alleys and side streets of Hanoi Ad familiar with the language of the culinary culture of Ha Thanh night . Today, as society developed , many restaurants on the ” pho burden ” appears increasingly less .

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Pho Hanoi
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