Pfizer spent more than $ 100 billion to buy rival

Pfizer spent more than $ 100 billion to buy rival

Sunday Times quoted a number of pharmaceutical industry leadership and investment bank said no formal talks between the two sides have been conducted previously . However, AstraZeneca has refused and the two companies have yet to resume negotiations .

AstraZeneca is the second largest pharmaceutical group in the UK , known for products asthma medications and heart disease . Recently , the company became acquisition targets with potential rivals , due to copyright bestselling drugs about to expire , so that their future hazy .
Pfizer spent more than $ 100 billion

Pfizer wants to buy AstraZeneca for $ 101 billion. Photo: Bloomberg

However, AstraZeneca has caught the attention of the anti-cancer drug trials . Pfizer may also be interested in copyright issues as their flagship product – cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor will expire soon . According to Reuters , the two companies were quite familiar with each other by doing joint projects .

To finance M & A activity , Pfizer could use some cash hoard at the foreign affiliates . This number is not transferred to the water , so will be heavily taxed .

If this business is conducted , it will be one of the sale – the biggest merger of the pharmaceutical industry so far . 3 In recent years , Pfizer has restructured its business segments . Acquisition of AstraZeneca will complement their array cure cancer by immune cells . The most recent major acquisition of Pfizer was in 2009 , when they buy rival Wyeth (USA ) for $ 68 billion.

Earlier, the Swiss pharmaceutical company – Novartis and rival GlaxoSmithKline (UK ) each purchase is expected to AstraZeneca . However, GSK announced M & A is not doing great in recent years .

AstraZeneca is currently $ 80 billion valuation . Meanwhile , Pfizer has cost 193 billion dollars . AstraZeneca IV/2013 quarter profit fell 6 % and is predicted to decline even further this year , due to fierce competition in the United States . AstraZeneca has been very difficult in the development of new drugs in recent years , to replace the famous products like Nexium and Crestor copyright is about to expire .

Pfizer spent more than $ 100 billion to buy rival
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