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A MySQL database is frequently at the heart of every modern web application. Designing and architecting a scalable and fast MySQL database backend requires a strong background in high-concurrency and high-availability web-applications, and equally as deep knowledge of the database itself. We are experts in MySQL performance optimization and will help you resolve your most challenging MySQL issues and build your mysql optimization

We’ll help you setup advanced MySQL instances with a Master and multiple slaves, multiple Masters and multiple slaves, real-time database backups and snapshots, managed or automated offsite MySQL database backups. Even if you don’t need multiple database servers right now, you can accelerate your web application and better utilize your existing hardware, without burning money on expensive servers by optimizing your MySQL database schemas, tables, and queries.

We know that your dataset is growing quickly and so are your queries per second. You’re probably experiencing performance problems where your queries take too long to execute or your dataset is getting too large to run efficiently on one database server. We’ll help with your OLTP or OLAP systems and any other mysql consulting requests.

Frequently, offloading the MySQL database by using specialized applications such as Redis, TokyoCabinet/TokyoTyrant, BDB, MonetDB, Neo4j, FlockDB, Vertica, column-oriented databases, and massively parallelized data warehousing techniques save you time and money.

In addition to your LAMP stack, there are other environments which may require MySQL performance optimization. You may have Java or C++ apps that are accessing your MySQL database directly that may require tuning as well.

We also offer mysql consulting for IO heavy MySQL databases by helping you learn about HandlerSocket – which bypasses the SQL layer and goes straight to the InnoDB storage engine – for speeds up to 2x faster than a local memcached instance with our best mysql expert

By analyzing your existing database system, we’ll identify the best strategies, suggest revisions where they are needed, and help architect the appropriate sharding, partitioning, and data-warehousing architectures to support high-read and high-write MySQL database environments.

We offer MySQL Consulting in these areas::

MySQL Community, MySQL Enterprise, Percona MySQL

MySQL Database Optimization Services & Issues

Indexes/Indeces, Multicolumn vs. Single Column
MySQL Query Optimization
MySQL Performance tips and tricks
MySQL Sharding and Partitioning
MySQL Replication & Off-site replication
MySQL Database Load Balancing
MySQL Real-Time backup
MySQL Storage Configurations
MySQL Monitoring and Metrics
Table Denormalization for performance
Lazy Aggregation, Caching, Archiving
Selecting the most applicable storage engine
Cache and buffer tuning
High-concurrency write environments
MySQL Locking and transactional issues
Batch jobs and file processing
Dimension and OLAP Summary Tables
Offsite backup / Cloud backup
MySQL real time backups or differential MySQL backups
Active/Active or Active/Passive Failover
Enforcing record uniqueness across tables and servers
Joining query results from disparate databases
Real-time query result aggregation
Archiving data and batch jobs
High-speed, concurrent data import or export
And much more

Database Migrations

Assistance in moving to MySQL or SQL Server from other vendors

MySQL Consulting & Optimization Expert
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