How to make good event

Evaluating the success of an event goes beyond knowing how many people showed up and if they “looked like they were having a good time.” Businesses and organizations hold events with specific sales or marketing goals in mind and it’s important have measurable benchmarks in order to track the event’s success. These benchmarks also let event managers understand how they can improve future events to increase their return on investment.

How to make good event

Some of the ways to include evaluation metrics in your event planning include:

Measuring expected attendee behaviors. Part of planning an event is having activities that you want attendees to do after the event is over. This can range from direct sales to scheduling follow-up meetings or requesting information. Monitoring this and comparing it to expectations is the most basic metric for measuring an event’s success.

Sending out post-event surveys. Send out post-event surveys to learn what attendees thought about your event. In order to get a better response, you may want to give attendees an incentive for returning the survey, such as entering them in a prize raffle. You can use these surveys to determine what parts of the event the attendees did or didn’t like along with how they feel about taking the next steps you want moving forward.

Using web analytics. Set up a website and direct attendees to that site. You can use views and clicks on this site to determine how well your message resonated during your event.

How to make good event
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