How to Dress Right for Any Tailgating Party

Tailgating is one of the most popular American activities. Whether you’re a NASCAR fan, never miss a local basketball game or love watching a college team play baseball, you can have even more fun when you tailgate beforehand. Tailgating parties often take place in the parking lot outside the stadium or arena as thousands of fans bring out grills and set up tables. Even if you prefer letting others do the cooking while you sample their dishes rather than cooking yourself, you still need to know how to dress for one of those parties.

How to Dress Right for Any Tailgating Party

Start with Comfortable Shoes

No matter what you decide to wear, always start with a comfortable pair of shoes. Women who wear wedges or heels put more pressure on the arches and balls of their feet, which leaves them feeling uncomfortable by the time the game or race starts. Wearing a pair of flip flops can feel just as uncomfortable because you do not have enough support. As you’ll spend time wandering around the parking lot and chatting with other fans, you should stick to running or tennis shoes that provide more support.

Root for the Team

Most of the clothing you wear to the race or game should relate to your favorite team or your favorite athlete. Even if you’re a fan of a retired athlete, leave that clothing at home. This is your chance to show others why you came out to the game and who you hope to see win. Stick to tee shirts or jerseys in your team’s colors or with the team logo on the front. You’ll also find jerseys like those worn by your favorite players and fun shirts like a Babe Ruth shirt that shows you’re a long-time fan.

Wear Layers

The weather can change so quickly that you might find yourself burning up and freezing over the course of the game. Wearing layers lets you compensate for any weather conditions that you might face. Try wearing a tank top or a lightweight tee shirt under a heavier shirt with a hooded sweatshirt on top. You can always take off layers when you get too hot, but if you don’t wear enough clothing, you’ll spend the whole party shivering in the cold. Dressing right lets you have more fun during a tailgating party and keeps you ready for anything the weather has in store.

How to Dress Right for Any Tailgating Party
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