Google increasingly benefit from ad

Google increasingly benefit from ad

Profits reached $ 4.2 billion, slightly lower than predicted by analysts, by spending heavily to develop the technology. Following the news, Apple shares rose 1.6% in trading agreements.

Google challenges of many recent quarter was convinced the company to pay for services on mobile advertising. This is the essential task of user-focus are increasingly turning to smartphones instead of desktops, CNN said.
Google increasingly benefit from ad

Google revenue improved significantly thanks to advertising. Photo: AP

One of the ways Google is applying the “enhanced ad” was released last year. In particular, they require all companies to buy advertising services on multiple platforms.

Google does not disclose revenue from the app store Play. But thanks in large firms earn advertising. Revenue share from advertising not only contribute $ 1.6 billion, but has also increased by 53% compared to the same period last year.

According to Google, the company paid less than 6% for advertising in the second quarter compared with the same period last year. However, the percentage of users see ads rose 25%, helped the company increase sales. According to research firm comScore, Google now has 68% market share in the U.S. search engine, by the end of May.

Like rival Facebook, recently, Google has spent a lot of money to acquire new technologies, to expand sales beyond the core search business. The company has invested billions of dollars into unmanned vehicles, wearable devices, military robots and the devices connected to the home. The most prominent is the $ 3.2 billion deal to buy Nest earlier this year.

Google increasingly benefit from ad
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