Good Tote Bags for You

Purses are so yesterday. It’s all about designer tote bags now, and the finding the right one to complement your style is important. The right bag can take a bit of searching to find, especially when you realize all that goes into the selection process.

Good Tote Bag for You

1. It needs to be able to hold all of your belongings.

A designer tote would essentially replace your purse. All of your makeup kits, cell phone, and other day to day accessories have to fit into the tote safely and easily — and without getting jostled around inside in such a way that they get damaged. Some totes are designed with extra pockets inside to separate belongings. You may want to find one of these to help keep things organized.

2. The straps should be comfortable.

You’ll be carrying this bag around everywhere you go. You want to make sure it’s comfortable, whether you’re holding it in your hands or looping the straps around your shoulder. In addition to being comfortable, you should be able to hold it securely. In the event that someone tried to do a snatch and grab, having a reliable handle can keep your tote from being stolen.

3. It needs to look good.

This goes without saying, but if you’re buying a tote bag to replace your purse, it needs to be stylish. A canvas tote bag can usually be customized or monogrammed, so if you have a bit of sewing expertise, you can make a number of modifications to it so that it fits your style.

Tote bags are great, whether you’re walking through a city trying to catch the eye of the handsome guy on the other side of the street, or lounging around on a sandy beach underneath an umbrella. They’re the go-anywhere, do-anything type of bag, and since they’re typically relatively inexpensive, you don’t have to worry about them like you would a $1500 purse. Nonetheless, your bag is a reflection of your personality, so take the time to find one that suits you to a T.

Good Tote Bags for You
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