giant soon left the World Cup , sponsors lost very much

giant soon left the World Cup , sponsors lost very much

2014 World Cup have gone past the first round and now is the time for sponsors, advertisers recalculate financial sat before the match takes place more stress. With a series of strong teams, are appreciated as Spain, England, Italy … to leave the game early, many sponsors face a multi-million dollar losses.

sponsors lost very much

England as an example, the soon to be eliminated from the World Cup kicks off after 8 days not only made ​​millions of disappointed fans but also sad heart donors. Many companies have poured millions of dollars into advertising campaigns starring star squad of players is British. Dailymail said though the team had to carry water but the advertising content positively about England at the World Cup has been broadcast on television.

Steve Martin, director of marketing and public relations company’s Entertainment and Sports M & C Saatchi surprised because the brand has to run ads that do not react with the facts is happening on the pitch. “This could be detrimental to them by doing so just as England remain so for the World Cup 2014. Want people to say positive things when it comes to their brand rather wonder why advertising ‘ungainly’ still running on TV, “he said.

According to Steve, it would be difficult to calculate the damage that advertising business suffered when the national soccer team left early resolution. “England was stopped prematurely cut off half the time expected advertising. Sponsors, advertisers are expected to at least England will reach the quarter-finals,” he said.

The brand as Vauxhall (motor-car field), Mars (candy) have spent a total of 9 million pounds (15.3 million dollars) a year to be the main sponsor for the players Steven Gerrard. Wayne Rooney, Joe Hart, Danny Welbeck and Daniel Sturridge. Immediately after England was eliminated from the World Cup, Vauxhall has stopped advertising campaign. A party source said they are now the heaviest losses among the main sponsors for the team this time.

Meanwhile, the second largest supermarket chain is Sainssbury England had to reduce the price of items printed with the Three Lions (symbol of the British national team) down 70% but nobody is buying.

Spain also soon become ex-king not pass the first round. Failure of the Gold Cup winner 2010 World Cup has caused shock and donors according to local media, a number of units requested to renegotiate the contract with the Football Association Spain (RFEF). Each year, the federation received about $ 95 million from donors.

Meanwhile, the sponsor of the team is expected at the chance to go forward as Belgium is delighted with his investments. Belgium has 11 sponsors, including sportswear maker Burrda spent $ 1.2 million and the company has sold 90,000 shirts team after the first round. A source said after award, Adidas will sign a new contract with Belgium worth 1.8 million euros (approximately $ 2.5 million).

giant soon left the World Cup , sponsors lost very much
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