Five Ways I Earn Money from Home

Cancer left me in debt, jobless, and trying to figure out my next move financially. I decided life is way to short to spend making someone else rich with my sales talents. I now earn just as much money from home and am poised to open my own business within the next few months. These are the top five ways I earn money from home that actually bring in a decent income.

Earn Money from Home

The Obvious: I obviously write from home. I’m no Hemingway and don’t pretend to be. I just write about subjects that interest me and about experiences I’ve had. I write a lot about my experience with cancer, in hopes that it will help someone else, ease their fears, or possibly save their life.

Text Books: I use Book Scouter to resell textbooks. My children often have left overs from the school year, but I also go to thrift stores and used book stores to find deals. I type in the ISBN number before I buy the book and resell it at a profit. You can make a lot sticking to selling textbooks, but they do accept other genres as well. Just read the rules about quality before you buy.

Sewing: I’m a crafty, creative person and I make extra money by sewing. I sew quilts that sell from between $300 to $500 dollars. I can usually finish a quilt in a week. I spend one day cutting my pieces, another day sewing the top together, another day quilting it (I have an awesome sewing machine) or taking it to a quilt shop to be quilted if I’m busy, and another day finishing it. I took a sample quilt to a local quilt shop and now have my quilts in two different shops. One in Branson Missouri, which is a great place to sell quality quilts.

I also sew clothing. I focus on the type of clothing you might see someone at Bonnaroo or Wakarusa wearing; hippy clothing, if you must. A lot of people who love this type of festival want a certain “look”, but unfortunately have no idea how to make the type of clothing themselves. Each piece is unique and really a piece of art. So, they are pretty easy to sell for a decent price because they are handcrafted and durable. A pair of shorts generally sells for $60 dollars.

Home Business: I’m still working on developing my home business. I don’t want to give away my ideas, but just using your creativity and drive, you can create a one of a kind product. Give a sample to the type of store you want to sell in and do a little bit of marketing; sell it! I’m going to sell online and in organic stores. Although, I’m not earning money yet, I have every confidence that I will be soon with my sales abilities.

I also create glass art, mosaics, and paint. From time to time, someone actually buys a piece of art, although I don’t create art for anyone other than myself. It’s just something enjoyable for me. I love surrounding myself with beauty.

Farmers Market: I also grow herbs, vegetables, and organic strawberry jam. It started as a way for me to eat healthy organic foods without a big price tag. Now I generally have so much extra, that I have to sell it or waste it. When I was a little girl, my mother would always make fresh blackberry and strawberry jam. It’s so much better than anything you can buy. A hobby turned into a money maker for me.

Some farmers markets also allow you to sell crafts that fall within certain guidelines.

These are just a few ways that you can ditch the office for good. I recommend starting with one idea and doing it on the side. You may be surprised how much money you really can make, just by doing the things you enjoy. Just like anything else in life, your success will most likely depend on the effort you expend.

Five Ways I Earn Money from Home
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