Facebook look foward to make more money from World Cup 2014

Facebook expects its 2014 World Cup will bring positive results for the company in the event taking direct marketing. Social network claims they can reach 500 million users football fans, Twitter or higher than network television. The number of user accounts will be the same as “big stadium in the world”, where customers gather from all over the world for advertisers.

After the photograph of the famous actors in Oscar recently been reprinted on Twitter users record, the upcoming 2014 World Cup is an event much more potential for marketing. Therefore, the company is preparing a real war with rival Twittering by increasing access to information through Facebook groups and outlines specific customer.

 Facebook look foward

Will Platt-Higgins, director of global accounts of Facebook said that 2014 is the year of the first World Cup track people via smartphone. “We bring a mobile court in his pocket, where you can track changes, view the results, a list of players deep, changes, injuries … everything only through smartphones . This is something very attractive in the eyes of marketers, “Will said.

Facebook said it identified its 500 million users interested in football based on the path (link) they often click to watch or monitor the site. This figure is double the amount of monthly users of Twitter. While Twitter is putting yourself in the position advertised products accompany the TV, revenue sharing with the Facebook network information can think supplement or even replace the TV to reach fans.

“500 million, a figure very hard to find if you use the TV,” said Platt-Higgins and adds the display ads on Facebook to be more accepting audience. Meanwhile, Twitter also quit guide marketers to develop advertising, content test run during the World Cup.

Many brands are also creating advertising towards each individual to attract more users on the Internet. Budweiser beer company has opened a media workshop in São Paulo (Brazil) to select influential people in the different countries in order to build up the video and posted online. Fast-food company McDonald’s will revise the critical moments of the game, in which players alternate with fried potatoes.

Kevin Burke, director of marketing for Visa, a sponsor of the tournament, said the company has spent about 30% of the marketing budget to digital media, more than 23% of the global average. Coca-Cola will select photos by football fans to share on Facebook and Twitter and brought up in flag football field sized by a Brazilian street artist designed and performed in the match on 12/6 .

Facebook look foward to make more money from World Cup 2014
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