Facebook has doubles profit

Facebook has doubles profit

According to financial reports announced second quarter, net profit of the world’s largest social – Facebook reached 791 million, up 138% from the same period last year. Revenue rose 61% to $ 2.9 billion, exceeding analysts’ predictions.

Advertising revenues contributed most for Facebook, with 2.68 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 67%. In particular, mobile devices accounted for 62% of this number. This is an impressive increase compared with the rate close to 0% in 2012. Revenue from other sources was $ 234 million, up 9%.

Generally half of the year, Facebook reached sales of 5.4 billion, up 68% from last year. 6-month profit also more than doubled, to $ 1.4 billion.

“We had a very good second quarter. Users are also continuing to grow. We see many opportunities ahead,” Facebook CEO – Mark Zuckerberg said. Number of active users of the company has increased 14% to 1.32 billion per month. Among them, more than a billion is through mobile devices.
Facebook has doubles profit

More than a billion users currently access Facebook through mobile devices. Photo: Bloomberg

Recently, in order to maintain its position in the industry, Facebook has spent a lot of money acquiring company. In February, the company purchased WhatsApp messaging app. By March, Facebook bought Oculus VR – Virtual Reality technology firms. Zuckerberg said that this will be the technology of the future, following smartphones and tablets.

Since the beginning of the week, a series of U.S. technology giant announced positive business results. Apple profits beat expectations, while Microsoft sales up nearly 20%.

The news pushed U.S. stocks to all-time high. Yesterday, the S & P 500 index rose 0.2% to 1,987 points. Nasdaq up more than 4,470 points.

At the close, Apple shares have peaked in 2012, Microsoft stock is still at the top for 14 years. Facebook shares also rose 0.8% in trading agreements.

Facebook has doubles profit
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