Everything You Need to Create Stellar Online Videos

Nothing beats video for selling products and ideas online. According to comScore, professionally produced online video increases consumer preference for a product by nearly 25 percent. The key words here are professionally produced. All too often companies post lackluster online videos with bad lighting, poor sound and monotonous delivery and then wonder why consumers run to higher-quality content. The reason is simple: Consumers connect better videos with better products.

The same goes for fundraising efforts on crowdfunding sites such as Kick-starter, WeFunder or Startup Addict. Early on, Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler noted the connection between video and success. After the site had funded close to 1,000 projects, he discovered that those with videos were successful 54 percent of the time, while those without had a 39 percent success rate.

The good news is that it’s not as hard to create top-notch videos for your website or promotional campaigns as you might think. With a small investment and some basic know-how, you can add a valuable tool to your sales arsenal that captures an audience and convinces them to either buy into your company or to purchase your products. Here’s what you’ll need.
source : http://www.entrepreneur.com/marketing/onlinemarketing/index.html

Everything You Need to Create Stellar Online Videos
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