eBay consider splitting Paypal

eBay announced this to the potential candidates for PayPal CEO – David Marcus position had left to move to Facebook earlier this year, The Information quoted a source said. EBay shares rose nearly 4% on the American Stock Exchange following the report.

PayPal is eBay’s growth engine. Quarter revenue from this segment increased 20% to $ 1.95 billion, while total revenue up 9% of eBay. When asked about separately, a spokesman for eBay – Amanda Miller said only: “the Board of Directors will continue to evaluate all options in order to create long-term value, boost growth and strengthen the competition for both eBay and PayPal. ”

David Marcus has left PayPal to Facebook earlier this year. Photo: Bloomberg

If this is verified, it will be a turning point in view of eBay. Company CEO – John Donahoe far refused requests to separate investor Carl Icahn is famous for the reason PayPal is an eBay unity and separation would not make sense at all.

Icahn also withdrawn in April on request. He said though separated PayPal support in the near future, but he did not think this needs to happen soon. Meanwhile, some other investors felt PayPal can be developed further if and attract key independent competitors in eBay’s online retail sector.

Information on The Information also said it remains unclear whether eBay will split all or only part of PayPal and the company will arrange any structure.

eBay consider splitting Paypal
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