development of world economy

The international trend of world economic development on the basis of what appears increasingly global problem , requiring a combination to solve this problem . The pressing issue is:
1.1 The issues of war and peace :

the confronted policy forced the country to increase spending money in defense  and the huge negative impact on the economy of many countries , especially developing countries . The capitalist countries develop difficulties encountered by the production and trafficking of weapons . Therefore, the struggle for peace against war
War , nuclear arms reduction is the urgent task of all mankind , of all countries and progressive movements . That was the nature of the problem global economy .

development of world economy

development of world economy

1.2 The pollution of environmental :

This is a problem is told as a serious global problem . The development of industrialization and urbanization along with population growth too fast in some countries makes toxic waste is growing . Earth is polluted  … The nation should have a coordinated action to prevent from this risk .
1.3 Credit System International System International

Credit concerned to all countries  . World economy is threatened to push the edge of the financial crisis . Currently, the world has too many debtors , especially the developing countries can not afford to pay the debt … if the country is bankrupt, all countries
others also suffered heavy losses and could not foresee .
1.4 The issue of international trade

The issue of international trade  is becoming more intense as the country , including the developing countries increasingly promote exports in the world market … and the world trade organization WTO was established in dated 01.01.1995 to resolve the trend … trade liberalization will benefit all member states .

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development of world economy
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