Chinese prefer online shopping

Chinese prefer online shopping

Online shopping is one of the activities most robust growth in China , when half of Internet users in the country in the form of hunting online.

There are about 618 million Chinese use the Internet in the past year , according to the China Internet Network Information Center China . Among them , there are 302 million people , or 48.9 % , online shopping .

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online shopping is one of the most active growth in Internet activity in China .

In the past year , China witnessed approximately 60 million who made purchases online first . These people represent 25 % growth in volume of people shopping online in 2013. Terms of growth , activity was less online travel booking and buying group .

Currently, the number of online shoppers in China is more than most people write blogs , or use social networks , or more than the number of email users .

Many popular Chinese e-commerce for a variety of goods , and the price much cheaper than the market . In addition, information on network security is improved day , so consumers feel more confident when sharing credit card information for online store .

Chinese prefer online shopping
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