Calif DAs, diet company reaches 900K settlement

A group of California prosecutors say they’ve reached a settlement with a weight loss company that claimed people could lose weight by spreading a so-called “sprinkle diet” over their food.

District attorneys from nine California counties announced on Monday that Sensa Products and its parent company, Intelligent Beauty Inc., will pay more than $900,000 to settle a false advertising lawsuit.

Prosecutors say Sensa had advertised that losing weight through its diet had been clinically proven in what it had claimed was the largest clinical study ever conducted, but an independent expert said the study did not meet reliable scientific standards.

As part of the settlement, Sensa did not admit fault, but the company did issue a statement saying it stands behind its weight loss products.

Prosecutors say the settlement money will help pay for the enforcement of consumer protection laws and for restitution to consumers.

Calif DAs, diet company reaches 900K settlement
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