Brazilian businesses lost billions of dollars because of the World Cup

Brazilian businesses lost billions of dollars because of the World Cup

Chilean students home early, shops and offices closed from dusk Brazil, and Mexico City (Mexico) crowded as usual silent midnight hour. Rhythms in Latin American countries are changing for the biggest football event planet, making business also pulled lag.

The day national team competition, a lot of work in Brazil close early. In the city the match, as Rio de Janeiro, the local government also allowed a half day or whole day off to clear the streets. Last week, residents in Rio only had to work 2 days. This week is probably the same.
Brazilian businesses lost billions of dollars

World Cup upset both life and business activities in Brazil. Photo: Xinhua

However, this news is bad right businesses. Trading on the Bovespa stock exchange in Sao Paulo has slowed since before the World Cup. Fecomercio Organization (Brazil) estimates the damage can now 13.5 billion for reduced productivity, and also pay double wages for those who work in holidays. However, the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism said in fact, quite the World Cup will pump money into the economy of this country, make up some damage on.

Katia Andrade – business employees a company online data storage also complained stay too long time making her difficult to achieve sales targets last year. “World Cup cost me more money, right. Since the beginning of the year, many projects have been delayed, postponed to everyone after the World Cup. And now, almost every day is a holiday, I can not do anything “she told the AP.

Mexico City also turned into urban wild recent times. The day national team competition, “deserted street as midnight,” Alejandro Ramirez – a taxi driver said. And after the game, thousands of fans came rushing into the street, causing traffic congestion.

In Chile, the school laid off early in the match day squad country. Many schools also pushed Brazil to early winter vacation, coinciding with the occasion of the World Cup to avoid traffic jams.

The students, of course, very happy with this decision, but the Veja magazine criticized the breaks on a “confession of incompetence.” This is proof that Brazil was not able to meet the physical basis for this World Cup. “The government has to prepare it for 7 years., But they still do not,” the paper concludes.

Brazilian businesses lost billions of dollars because of the World Cup
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