Apple’s worth increase $ 100 billion in 3 months

From February , Apple shares have risen 20 % , to 630 USD yesterday . This is the highest level since mid-2012 – the peak time code 705 USD . According to Yahoo Finance , there are many reasons why this stock flourishes .

Apple shows that they can still increase revenue from iPhone – the largest machine of its profits , even if no new products . In addition, CEO Tim Cook also began to listen to the call of investors , like Carl Icahn , by increasing the stock repurchase and paying high dividends to take advantage of block 160 billion in cash . This week , the acquisition of Beats Electronics is confirmed also help restore market confidence in the dwindling music array of Apple .

Apple's worth

Apple’s market cap has increased by $ 100 billion through stock flourishes . Photo: Bloomberg

Apple shares rose sharply beginning in late April , after the company announces first quarter iPhone sales beat expectations , with nearly 44 million units . That’s higher than 6 million compared to the same period last year and forecasts of Wall Street analysts .

Most of them said that Apple would have an unimpressive quarter , as the company has not introduced more new products . So Apple’s business results caused shares soaring .

This data can also increase further by the end of the year , when Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone model with a larger screen . This market segment is so popular that Apple so far ignored.

New iPhone announcement expected in September or 10 . According to Analysts – Steven Milunovich at UBS , this is very convenient time . The survey earlier this year found that more than half of iPhone users in the United States due to product upgrades in the next 10 months . ” This time the operations match Apple’s new iPhone launch ,” he said .

Investors are also excited about the many new features were leaked online . They will be officially confirmed next week , when Apple held a workshop application development firms worldwide ( WWDC ) in San Francisco every day in 2/6 . Here , firms often announce new software for iOS and Mac OS .

Eddy Cue – Apple’s senior leaders are confident about the company’s business . ” Later this year we will have the best lineup in the 25 years I worked at Apple ,” he said . And of course , if Apple can meet everyone’s high expectations , its stock will skyrocket .

Apple’s worth increase $ 100 billion in 3 months
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