Apple’s shares fall after the new iPad launch

Apple’s shares fall after the new iPad launch

Investors had expected the announcement of the new iPad will stir the market for this product and pull up the American stock. IPad revenue is going down because consumers tend to keep longer tablet products such as smartphones. iPad is also competition by low-cost carrier and multifunction machines equally desktop (PC).

On USA Today, Steven Milunovich – Analysts at UBS said that Apple’s contract with IBM to provide iPad for business is probably “not enough”. Instead, he said Apple should consider producing 13-inch tablet can “multi-task operation and file management features such as PC”.

Apple’s shares fall after the new iPad launch

Apple CEO – Tim Cook is introducing Air iPad 2 Photo: AFP

This will help Apple grab market share from PC Disability and Microsoft. Microsoft Surface lets consumers turn to tablet PCs into full operation. Manufacturers running Windows 8 as Lenovo, HP or Dell has also launched the product can convert analog.

Apple failed to impress the market with new iPad place at the right time its shares struggling over $ 100 per pen. Besides, this week’s expected profit exceeds Intel is also drawing attention to the PC market.

However, Milunovich still optimistic about Apple shares, but thanks to the iPhone arrays. He expects the average price of this stock in the next 18 months is 115 USD.

Last month, the launch of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple and Apple Watch Pay, Disability Apple shares fell 0.4%. 5% early momentum was erased after it announced a high-tech watches only compatible with the iPhone and not be released this year.

Apple’s shares fall after the new iPad launch
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