Apple will spend more than $ 3 billion to purchase Beats

Bloomberg quoted a close source said , ” Apples Disability ” is in talks to buy a headset manufacturers and online music providers Beats Electronics for $ 3.2 billion. Beats Electronics was founded by Jimmy Iovine and hip – hop artist Dr. Dre .

This contract will strengthen the power of Apple in the online music segment through Beats Music service debuted earlier this year . $ 10 a month , users can access an unlimited number of songs in this service via smartphone , tablet or desktop .
Apple will spend

Apple will buy Beats with more than $ 3 billion . Photo: Bloomberg

Music has long been one of the pillars of Apple , with iTunes and iPods launched more than a decade before . However, last year , revenue from its digital downloads fell for the first time when users turn to online music services like Spotify , Pandora Media Youtube or Google , according to research firm Nielsen SoundScan .

” The era of digital music downloading has basically stopped,” Aram Sinnreich – Media Lecturer at Rutgers University commented on Bloomberg .

The amount of $ 3.2 billion is only a fraction of the mountain of cash than Apple’s $ 150 billion . This deal shows that ” Apple Defect ” are really serious about providing private music service , compete with Spotify . Still, the legendary CEO of Apple – Steve Jobs ago still did not like it . He said that no one wanted to rent the music .

” They are preparing for the future . And the future of the music industry is listening online and pay a subscription fee . Revenue from this activity is rising , while the growing array contraction download ” , Jon Irwin – former Director music service Rhapsody International said .

With this deal , Apple also controls the headphone brand Beats fame . Iovine and Dr. . Dre Beats debuted in 2008 as people increasingly use multiple iPods and smartphones to listen to music . This headphones are very strong hand with advertising images superior product for fashion accessories .

Apple will spend more than $ 3 billion to purchase Beats
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