Apple and Samsung truce

The country 2 company has filed lawsuits are Australia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Holland, England, France, Italy. Apple claims that Samsung has copied the design of the iPhone. Meanwhile, Apple countered Samsung technology used for wireless data transfer without their permission. Both sides are yet to win the final victory, and the judges generally require the two companies to sort out than to go to court.

Before Tuesday’s statement, tensions between the two companies also had defuse signs. In June, Apple and Samsung agree to cancel the appellant with a violation lawsuits patent at the International Trade Commission USA, which makes some of the older Samsung phones banned imports.
Apple and Samsung truce

Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaaxy 4S. Photo: Techno Buffalo

However, both companies have vowed not to end the war entirely legal, as well as not achieving any copyright agreement between the two sides cross. Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, opening the floodgate to use touch-screen phone and Internet access needs through mobile. Samsung followed with a series of phone models and prices varied.

The battle between the two companies began when smartphones became popular. Apple has been dealt won two lawsuits in federal court in San Jose (California, USA). In 2012, they were said to receive $ 930 million compensation, but this year is $ 120 million.

The lawsuit between the two parties is complicated by external rivals, Apple and Samsung also have customer relationships – suppliers. Samsung produces many key components, such as semiconductors and memory chips for Apple products.

The two leading smartphone company has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in legal costs of lawsuits around the world, in order to dominate the market size of nearly $ 340 billion last year, according to research firm IDC. 2013, Samsung has 31% global market share, while Apple accounted for 15%.

Apple and Samsung truce
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