American airlines reduce costs by tablet

American airlines reduce costs by tablet

Last year, the company also has electronic materials used in the cockpit. This is one of many strategies that are used by employers to reduce the load applied and the cost of fuel for the flight.

Two other American airline Delta Air Lines and United Airlines also provides intelligent device for pilots. Delta is even planning to release the electronic manual for attendants next month.
American airlines reduce costs by tablet

American Airlines will use tablets to reduce aircraft weight. Photo: Bloomberg

American Airlines said its flight attendants have had the tablet. Us Airways employees will also receive equipment after the two airlines merge certification activities from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

“Saving fuel costs are very important for an airline, so this number is very large,” Andrea Huguely – a spokesman for American Airlines said on Reuters.

American Airlines and Delta Air Lines are considered smart device is an effective tool for service on board. It allows flight attendants know the premium customers are sitting chair and pay attention to them any more. The tablet also simplifies the sale of food and drinks on the plane.

American has replaced the pilot’s equipment bag with iPad, saving $ 1.2 million per year fuel bills. Meanwhile, instead of documents guided by the Samsung tablet computers to help them reduce fuel $ 650,000 and $ 300,000 in printing and shipping each year.

Since 2005, American Airlines has saved 3.8 billion liters of fuel under the program “Fuel Smart”. The company devised many ways, such as using only one engine running on the runway if it is safe, or remove old phones are often tied after the seat of the ancient aircraft to reduce weight.

American airlines reduce costs by tablet
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