Amazon launches Package read book

Amazon launches Package read book

Amazon has officially launched service called Kindle reading Unlimited. Accordingly, users must pay $ 9.99 per month to be “free to read any book in more than 600,000 Kindle books.” Part of warehouse Audible audio books are also on the list.

Of course, this book also 600,000 just a small part of the entire number of books sold on Amazon. However, this number also includes many well-known books as “The Hunger Games” or “Lord of the Rings”, CNN said.

“With Kindle Unlimited, users will not have to think much when trying to switch to a new author or genre. They just stop reading and listening,” Russ Grandinetti – vice president of Amazon Kindle array management said.
Amazon launches Package read book

Unlimited Kindle users will have access to over 600,000 titles. Photo: Digital Trend

After this news, Amazon shares rose slightly early 24/7, but then fell sharply to the news agency $ 126 million loss in the second quarter, stronger than expected and many times more than $ 7 million last year. The reason is that the company has spent very aggressively for new services such as delivery all day Sunday, launches online video viewing device FireTV, their first smartphone and the Kindle Fire Phone Unlimited.

Ecommerce giants are looking to penetrate the e-book market returns by month. Earlier, Oyster, Scribd and AllYouCanBooks have their presence in this segment. Scribd has more than 400,000 titles for subscription services, for $ 8.99. Oyster little more than 500,000, and $ 9.95.

Until now, Amazon still allow users to register Prime premium service to borrow books each month without additional charge. The company also has a policy subscription service for music and video Prime.

Amazon and many other companies in the digital media segment is seeking to capitalize on the popularity of content services as required. These firms typically pursue this model is the company in the field of television and music, such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora or Grooveshark. Users are increasingly willing to pay money in exchange for this convenience.

The major competitors of Amazon in the service array of digital content are Google and Apple. However, Kindle Unlimited will also be posted to the app store for iOS, Android and many other platforms.

Analyst firm Piper Jaffray predicts Anmazon can earn more than $ 1 billion just from arrays of electronic books. They said that Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited test to see if this service can bring many benefits to the company, at the same time is a big challenge to the publishing industry.

Amazon launches Package read book
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