Airbus lost orders $ 16 billion

This has blurred the efforts of Airbus to break Boeing’s dominance in wide-body aircraft segment – are mainstays in the Emirates fleet. According to the announcement, it will cancel the order of 50 A350-900 and 20 A350-1000. Emirates announced this contract in 2007 with delivery period is from 2019, just before the Emirates Boeing 777X received.

This decision was made after both parties discuss the needs of the Emirates fleet now and when only a few months to formally A350 operations. Emirates is currently the largest airline in the world of international traffic. With 50 aircraft orders last year, they are also the largest customer of the A380 aircraft family.
Airbus lost orders

The Airbus A350 is designed to use fuel-efficient and lightweight materials. Photo: Bloomberg

“A350 is the best aircraft, ground-breaking technology. However, we do not think the time of delivery in accordance with the ability of the Emirates current development,” said Mark D. Martin – Martin Consulting CEO received consulting firm Reviews on Bloomberg.

Airbus shares fell 4% after the report. Rolls-Royce shares – maker of engines for Airbus, also fell 3% in London.

Prior to this, Emirates has orders to maintain balance between Airbus and Boeing. Emirates Chairman – Tim Clark has long been loathe A350-1000, saying that they do not meet his standards. The smaller players such as Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways have also complained about the A350. Etihad orders canceled once, but last year fell back to put much more.

A350-900 is capable of carrying 315 passengers. And the A350-1000 is 369. Airbus said the aircraft line using lightweight materials and wings are designed to save fuel.

At the Dubai Air Show last year, Emirates said it would buy 150 Boeing 777X, worth $ 76 billion to modernize existing widebody fleet. Emirates is the largest customer of the 777 – a twin-engine aircraft is billed as the world’s strongest.

Rolls-Royce is a manufacturer of single engine for the A350. Emirates airline said the canceled order will cause them loss of 4.36 billion dollars. Emirates not use the Rolls-Royce engine on A380. This has created opportunities for alternative products such as Engine Alliance of General Electric and Pratt & Whitney of United Technologies.

Rolls-Royce was very disappointed with this decision. However, they still believe some blank orders will be filled the other airlines. Airbus said in a statement: “We are very confident about the A350. Half a year before starting work, make sure your order number A350 is still at a safe level 742”.

Airbus lost orders $ 16 billion
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