Air Conditioning Services

Even those of us who love the Arizona heat will admit that everyone needs a cool–down now and then. When your time comes for a break from the Phoenix heat, you’ll be glad for a reliable air conditioning system. Anyone living in Phoenix and the surrounding areas is fortunate to have Cool Touch available for all of their air conditioning needs. From installation of a new system to ongoing maintenance and air conditioner repair services, Cool Touch gets the job done.
Phoenix Air Conditioning Installation

During the installation process for your new air conditioning system, we will carefully inspect your home and help you choose the perfect system for it. By measuring the total square footage that needs to be cooled and then inspecting your existing ductwork and air handlers, Cool Touch ensures that you get the right system for your home requirements.

We will also remove your existing air conditioner and properly dispose of it, eliminating any concerns you may have after the installation process. If you are interested in getting the most out of your air conditioner in Phoenix, make sure you have it installed by one of our trained professionals. Our quality service will keep you cool through the Phoenix summers. Call Cool Touch today for air conditioner installations in Phoenix.
Phoenix Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair

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After installation, you should have your air conditioning system maintained on an annual basis. We recommend annual maintenance performed before the cooling season starts. We will visit your home and inspect your air conditioner for possible symptoms of wear and tear that can cause issues when the system turns on for the first time.

We will check the system’s electrical components and condenser, the blower fan and motor, the condensate line, evaporator coils and condenser coils, and all other moving parts to ensure they are in good working order before being turned on for the first time.

If something should ever go wrong with your air conditioner, call us for immediate air conditioner repair service throughout Phoenix. We are available 24/7 for ongoing repair services and can ensure you are ready for anything that the Arizona summer has to offer.
Phoenix Air Conditioning Options

While traditional air conditioners are packaged or split central units, we also offer alternatives designed to fit your particular needs. We can install a ductless mini split system or a heat pump if you would like heating provided by the system as well. We manage all types of air conditioning system installations and can ensure you remain cool and comfortable all summer long.

Whatever your Phoenix air conditioning needs, call Cool Touch today. One of our air conditioning professional technicians understand the climate in Arizona and will work with you to select the right model and install it in your home so it provides efficient, continuous cooling all through the season.

Air Conditioning Services
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