After The Implant Process

After having dental implants placed in the mouth, you would think that you can eat like you normally would and that they would be easy to brush like natural teeth. While this is true after the bone of the jaw has healed, there is a period of time after visiting the dentist that you need to take proper care of your mouth. When you have finished the process of dental implants Chicago IL dentists perform, you’ll usually be given medication of some kind to help with pain relief and to help decrease the risk of an infection occurring in the mouth.

After The Implant Process

Rinse your mouth out as directed, preferably with salt water to keep it as clean as possible. Keep in mind that the process of putting implants in the mouth takes place over the course of weeks. Most of the work is done in the dental office. You’re given medications to help with pain while the implant is placed in the jawbone. There could be minor bleeding after the implant is placed and even after the crown is placed. If there is still bleeding after a few days or if you notice any heavy bleeding, then you should contact your dentist. There will likely be some pain and discomfort, but this should also subside after a few days. Try to eat soft foods or drink liquids the first few days after the implant process is complete. Before the crown is placed, you should avoid eating anything on the impacted side of the mouth to prevent any damage to the abutment. You can use an ice pack on the side of the mouth to help with swelling and pain. Until you get used to having a natural tooth in your mouth again, it might feel a bit odd since there isn’t an empty space there. However, an implant will give you a complete smile once again and naturally functioning teeth.

After The Implant Process
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