Adidas stopped ads with Luis Suarez because he bites Chiellini

Adidas stopped ads with Luis Suarez because he bites Chiellini

German sportswear company will only use images of Uruguayan striker during the remainder of the 2014 World Cup after FIFA sanction is 4 months for this player.

Adidas stopped ads

The crowd taunted Previous Suarez after biting into the role players recruitment defender of Italy. Photo: AP

“The other contents in the current funding agreement does not change,” said Representative Adidas.

The decision was made ​​after the World Football Federation (FIFA) to ban international play 9 games and is not related to sports activities within 4 months for this player. Suarez fined after biting into the shoulder of the defender Chiellini of Italy won the match in Group D tickets go on (World Cup 2014).

“Adidas fully support the decision of FIFA, we do not agree with the behavior of Suarez. Through this we want to again remind the striker on the desired criteria that Adidas players at his accounts support, “the company spokesman said.

However, Adidas has launched up large posters with pictures Luis Suarez was bared teeth, placed at Copacabana coast (in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Many football fans have taken advantage of the vertical edges and put your shoulder or arm, even his head caught the striker’s teeth. Department 3rd bite Chiellini is that Suarez used to attack opponents on the field in his football career. Two “victims” of his earlier are Otman Bakkal (player football club PSV, was bitten 11/2010) and Branislas Ivanovic (Chelsea, May 4/2013).

Luis Suarez was one of the key players of the campaign to promote the image of Adidas soccer tournament this time in order to compete with Nike. Do not lose the way of Adidas, Nike firm (USA) also lacks “trump” his striker Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal when teams were eliminated in the first round.

This year, for the first time Nike surpassed Adidas in terms of sponsorship deal for the football team that participated in the World Cup in Brazil. Just so that its marketing expenses increased to 36%, closing at U.S. $ 876 million, while profits increased by only 1% compared to the same period of 2013.

Adidas stopped ads with Luis Suarez because he bites Chiellini
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