5 Ways to Optimize Performance when Building a Computer

Building your own computer offers a chance to tweak the design for improved performance. It also allows you to customize your computer with unique and interesting parts that aren’t available with retail computers. Flexible case designs provide ample storage for adding video cards or additional cooling fans. Building your own computer ensures that it contains high quality parts with no compatibility issues. You have the advantage of being able to upgrade your computer whenever you want.

5 Ways to Optimize Performance when Building a Computer

Upgrade Peripherals

When building a new computer, we often tend to overlook the peripherals. Many of us assume the keyboard, mouse and printer will always work the same so we hook up the same ones we’ve used for decades. However, there may be compatibility issues between newer components and outdated peripherals. Poor communication between the devices may result in slow response times, or they may not work at all. To get the best performance available, upgrade to new peripherals when you build your new computer.

Overclock the CPU

If you want to get the maximum speed and performance from your computer, you can overclock the CPU. This is the process of gaining more power from the CPU by adjusting settings on your computer. Each type of CPU is different so the process will vary. Guides are available online that provide information specific to each processor. Overclocking causes the processor to run faster, and it generates more heat. This usually requires a larger cooling fan. You can also use water cooling for overclocked or high heat generation processors. One common complaint that arises when building a computer is fan noise. You can often reduce or eliminate noise by using high quality heatsink and adjusting the fan speed.

Upgrade Network Equipment

Choosing a high performance CPU, larger hard drive and more RAM will definitely improve the performance of your computer. The internet speed is another variable. The components used when building a computer will only increase its speed to a certain level before it becomes limited by network capability. Wired networks may be limited by materials, age and condition. Newer motherboards have much greater networking capabilities than in previous years. Upgrading your network to meet the standards of your newly built computer will provide maximum performance.

Use Bay Drives Creatively

Make use of the additional drive bays in your case to provide additional capabilities. There are a number of items on the market that are designed to make use of the additional space. A few include bay speakers, system monitors and CPU cooling fans. Alternatively, you can simply turn one into a drawer to store DVDs and CDs.

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5 Ways to Optimize Performance when Building a Computer
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