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Health news : New study finds snoring during pregnancy ups risk for high blood pressure

(NaturalNews) Every year, thousands of women and their babies get sick and some die from a dangerous condition called preeclampsia, a life-threatening disorder during pregnancy and ... Continue Reading →

Health tips : Improving health and well-being with crystals

(NaturalNews) “Good vibrations” is a phrase that has long pervaded popular culture, but do you know what this particular turn of phrase means? One denotation for this saying ... Continue Reading →

Health tips : Watermelon plays a significant role in lowering heart disease risk and aiding weight management

(NaturalNews) It will come as no surprise to health-minded individuals that compounds from natural fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds directly alter genetic expression to promote health ... Continue Reading →

Health tips : Top 4 ways to avoid getting cancer

(NaturalNews) Conventional medicine will never cure cancer. Sad, but true, western-trained physicians are too heavily invested in “treating” disease, while ignoring the ... Continue Reading →

Health news : An apple a day prevents arterial hardening to reduce heart disease risk

(NaturalNews) Heart disease recently surpassed cancer as the leading cause of death in the U.S. and many western societies. The sad part of the story is that heart disease is largely ... Continue Reading →

Health news : The 5 biggest threats to our health freedom

(NaturalNews) Obviously, our health freedom is under attack. Doctors are controlled by big pharmaceutical companies (and insurance providers); politicians are not protecting the people; ... Continue Reading →

Health news : The health benefits of eating fall fruits

(NaturalNews) The fall season brings, not only cooler temperatures and beautiful autumn colors, but also an abundance of nutrient dense fruits. Consuming produce when it’s ripe ... Continue Reading →

Health news : Sugar consumption a ‘public health crisis’ aggravated by GM sugar beets

(NaturalNews) Sugar is exceptionally toxic and leads to heart disease, metabolic syndrome and cancer — it can even be equated with addictive drugs like cocaine, according to prominent ... Continue Reading →

Health tips : Seven methods for creating the best digestion of your life

(NaturalNews) Dealing with the symptoms of chronic digestive dysfunction can be discouraging for many people, especially when unknown dietary and environmental triggers constantly seem ... Continue Reading →

Health news : A single junk food meal damages arteries leading to increased risk for heart disease

(NaturalNews) The knowledge that junk foods such as bacon cheeseburgers, fries, shakes, donuts and chips are detrimental to your health is no new revelation. These foods are packed ... Continue Reading →