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Publix sued over fatal shooting at Tarpon Springs store by Arunya Rouch

The March 30 fatal shooting of a Publix employee in the store’s parking lot was “the natural and predictable result of the chain of events set in motion by Publix that morning,” ... Continue Reading →

Why Link Building Matters

In broad terms, whenever any user enters a query into a search engine, the search engine needs to determine how to return the best results. One key step is to figure out which pages ... Continue Reading →

Don’t be misled about sharing your bed with your baby

There is a concerted campaign to dissuade parents from sleeping with their babies. The latest study published in the American Journal of Public Health attempts to prove that sleeping ... Continue Reading →

Start your business as a screen door seller

If you plan to start your own company building, selling and/or installing screen doors, first learn about screen doors basics and your competition to make sure you’re offering ... Continue Reading →