1% of the richest holds half property of the world

In 2009, this proportion was 44%. With the current pace, Oxfam predicts by 2016, the group owns over 50% of global assets.

Results published report coincides World Economic Forum in Davos upcoming opening (Switzerland). Director of Oxfam – Winnie Byanyima is co-organizing this event. She said that would require emergency action to narrow the gap between rich and poor.
1% of the richest holds half property of the world

Gap between rich and poor in the world is growing. Photo: AFP

“It is time for leaders to use their power to create a world of justice and prosperity. Without solving this inequality, the fight against poverty will take decades. The poor 2 is under pressure, as they are a smaller share of the economic pie, the pie the two is also small due to slowing growth, “she said.

BBC says Oxfam is calling on the Government to accept 7 point plan to resolve the situation. In that accident investigation for tax evasion of companies and higher wages for workers.

Last year, Oxfam has shocked Davos to announce the world’s 85 richest people have assets equivalent to 50% of the poorest people (3.5 billion people). This comparison is worse now than when the top 80 just to have enough balance.

Research published today shows their assets after deduction of 1% rich people, more than half of the rest of the 20% richest people on the planet. Population rest of the world only contribute 5.5% of assets.

On average, each adult has $ 3,851 in 2014. This figure was 2.7% in group 1 million. 10 years last month, a report from Credit Suisse also shows that the richest 1% owns 50% of global assets.

1% of the richest holds half property of the world
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